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The ups and downs of the 10 kings of the earth - some collap
作者:佚名 时间:2018-07-25
The ups and downs of the 10 kings of the earth: some collapsed, some sold 。 Original: real estate investigation id: dcgc 201 3。authorized。 According to the two-year opening cycle, the land kings in 2018 should be filmed in 2016。。 Looking back to 2016, the '‘ three highs’‘ plots with high total price, high unit price and high premium rate are showing up in the first and second tier cities and more than 30 cities across the country, and 340 land kings of various types have been painted in succession。。 As of the end of 2017, a group of data showed that of the 50 typical ’‘ kings of the earth’‘ in 2016, only 7 were opened, 29 were not opened, and 14 were still not opened, mainly concentrated in the first and second tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, gusu and Xiamen。。 Those real estate companies have started the ’‘ crazy land grab’‘ mode, which has also allowed the ’‘ king of the earth’‘ to successfully brush their screens。now let’s look at the '‘ king of the earth’‘ who once had a reputation in 2016。what are they like now?? ● 1 ● 1 ● annual ’‘ most luxurious’‘ king’s pre-sale price: 20w / ㎡ on August 17, 2016, under the panic of 17 housing enterprises, rongxin awarded 139 % premium through 426 rounds of placards, 110。The price of rmb100 million won plots 332 - 01 - a and 333 - 01 - a of n 070202 units in zhongxing community, Jing‘ an district, Shanghai。 Taken together, the nominal floor price is 10w / ㎡, and the floor area available for sale is 14 %。3w / ㎡, setting the record of the most expensive transaction unit price in China’s territory。 Congratulations to Rong Xin。two years have passed and he is still the link of this record。。 The plot is superior in location and is located in the inner ring of Xin‘ an district, 2 km away from the bund and 2 in the people’s square。5 km, Lujiazui is only 3 km, it is the first time in 10 years that the upper domestic ring has sold the pure room plot except Yangpu, and it is definitely a scarce capital。。 However, you should know that the relatively high-end second-hand house prices around the plot only sold at 9w / ㎡。 At the moment of the drop hammer, the industry felt that rongxin ( like belonging to the second division ) was truly in love with the land。。 If the price of such a high land price is less than 20w +, it is bound to be a loss-making project。。 What is even more difficult is that the premise of selling requires that 90 % of the rooms on the plot have nearly 3,000 ㎡ of supporting measures, 5,000 ㎡ of affordable housing, 14,000 ㎡ of reserved housing, and 80 % of the rooms that can eventually be sold have only about 77,000 ㎡ of which need to be small apartments。。 In other words, rongxin cannot afford to build a mansion on this plot, nor can it afford to build a villa。it can only build a popular project with a small set as its main component。。 Less than two months after taking over the land, the market painting style changed dramatically。。 First - tier cities have stepped into different regulatory sequences and financial deleveraging sledgehammer falls。 Rongxin started to cooperate。on December 2, 2016, Vanke took a stake in the project and started cooperation, each accounting for 50 % of the rights and interests。。 In fact, Vanke was originally a part of Chengxin。beside this part of the land, there is Vanke jadeite yabinli, who can grow continuously after winning, which is beneficial to the premium。。 Tu failed in the shooting, Rong Xin proposed cooperation, and Vanke was also happy with Yu cheng。 In July 2017, the eastern plot of land published the plan design, which was started in December at the age of guest。it is estimated that it will be launched at the fourth of this year。。 If reference is made to Vanke‘s jade jacobin price, under the background of the price limit, it is estimated that the price of the project should be at the mercy of 11w / ㎡, which is full of the fact that flour is more expensive than bread, and see if rongxin’s second division partner Vanke can finish this reverse attack。。 ● 2 ● 2 ● the most '‘ actual’‘ land king’s pre-sale price for the year: 10w + / ㎡ the first commercial and residential site in Shenzhen a816 - 0060 plot when Longhua was sold on June 2, 2016。 Located at exit a of tangzhan station on metro line 4 and connected to line 6, minjinzhi district, Longhua new district is a beautiful place very close to Futian, Shenzhen, with clean property rights。。 A total of 18 real estate companies stepped in to bid。in the end, China telecom and Guangzhou fangrong won nearly 82。With a total price of 900 million yuan, the floor price was as high as 5。680,000 / ㎡, excluding kindergarten saleable area of 13。70,000 ㎡, floor price 60,000 / ㎡。 After the shooting, some people estimated that it would take 100,000 + / ㎡ to make money。。 This plot is a pilot project for the sale of commercial housing in Shenzhen city。the premise of the sale requires that this project can only sell existing housing。。 Then it may take two years for the project to enter the market, and the small developers will not be able to play at all。。 Longhua is also fast, and soon after picking the land, he took out the design and introduced the name of the jinmao mansion in Longhua。 The total planned construction area is about 200,000 ㎡, including room number one, trade, public facilities and a single kindergarten。。 The first department of the room has 7 super high-rise buildings, of which 2 are 44 storeys and 5 are 47 storeys。the main apartments are 3 + 1, 4 and 4 + 1 rooms with 155 - 240 ㎡。 Now a year and a half has passed, and Jin maofu has been built to more than 10 storeys。。 The pioneer revealed that 90 % of the trade has been completed and the project will be sold at the end of 2019 at the press conference in April。。 It is estimated that 665 apartments are all large apartments with decoration。 Price map of second-hand houses around: around jinmaofu today, the unit price of the newly-built hongrongyuan shangjun imperial garden is 6。4w, the surrounding second-hand housing is at the mercy of 6w / ㎡。 The industry estimates that if Jin maofu wants to realize the profit unit price, it will break 100,000 yuan。。 The advantage of '‘ selling now’‘ is that it can be sold directly after filing the case price, and there is no need to obtain a pre-sale permit。the price is relatively free。。 If the project is to be sold on the spot under the condition that it has obtained a pre-sale permit, it can be increased by 5 % at the basic level of pre - sale。。 At the moment when the price limit is fixed, did the stringent ’‘ on - the - spot sale’‘ demand flash developers ’‘ avoid a catastrophe’‘? Will the current Shenzhen market pay such a price?。 ● 3 ● 3 ● the most powerful king of the year’s pre-sale price: 12w / ㎡ Tianjin sold Jinnan Shuang ( hang ) No。2016 - 134 plot on November 9, 2016。 This plot is the pure room first plot, which is located in the focal area of Tianjin‘s central urban area。there is no site supply around it for nearly ten years。。More than ten real estate companies including tianfang, lvcheng, zhonghai, jindi, zhengrong and shangshicheng also participated in the bidding。 What became a concern was that on the night before the earth auction, Tianjin construction site sales and purchase center issued a notice of compensation, stating that it would set a maximum price limit for Shuangfeng road plot based on the price of the first site in Tianjin’s completed transaction room。if the bid price of the bidding enterprise exceeds the set maximum price limit, the bid price would be invalid and the plot sale would be terminated。。 However, it still cannot object to the golden land bidding for the most expensive plot of Tianjin‘s floor price。。 After all, the golden land with 47。The total price of 400 million yuan was sold and the price of 90 % of the premium rate was taken down here。the price of the first floor of the distribution room was about 560,095 yuan / square meter, which was a perfect crime against the wind。。 The precondition for assignment is set at 4。Of the 210,000 square meters of land, 0。50,000 ㎡ for 12 classes of kindergarten, with about 3。710,000 ㎡ plot ratio of land is less than or equal to 2。5。construction area 9。270,000 ㎡, compatible with skirt building trade, supporting public buildings and rainwater pumping stations。 After excluding trade and public buildings, the volume of the first building in the room is about 8。450,000 ㎡, which is estimated to be the source of 500 suites based on the properties of the luxury residential buildings in the plot。。 Sketch map of second-hand houses around the project today, the average price of second-hand houses around the project is 4。2w, while a little distance from rongchuang galaxy and Heping India’s new home sells for 7w +。 Based on the fact that the price of commercial housing is twice as high as the floor price, the sale price of this plot is estimated to exceed 120,000 / ㎡, which will be another new price level in Tianjin city。。 Nothing more than today‘s gold fields and the release of the target information, drag for so long, the pressure is in my stomach。。 ● 4 ● 4 ● the annual ’‘ most conscientious’‘ king selling price: 730 w / set up on February 23, 2016, after 76 rounds of fighting, the total price of green space is 3.9 billion yuan, and 15,000 ㎡ self-owned housing price is allocated。。 From competitors including Xuhui, Gezhouba, longhu’s first joint venture, rongchuang, tianheng, dianjiannan joint venture, jindi and zhongtiejianvanke joint venture, they have successfully won plots of land such as dx00 - 0208 - 6001 of huangcun town 4th street, 5th street and 6th street village projects in Daxing district, with the actual floor price reaching 47,000 yuan / m2。 This floor price set a new high for the first floor space in Daxing district。the floor price exceeds the selling price of all properties in the region at that time。according to the floor price, the expected selling price should be 100,000 +。 After land acquisition, the highest product of the matching green space is the Harper system product。for the price limit of the common authority, the price of a single set is limited to 800 - 1,000 W。the major departments of the project are three rooms and two halls with 103 ㎡ building surface and 138 ㎡ building surface in the set。in addition, there are three rooms and two halls with 120 ㎡ building surface and 157 ㎡ building surface in the set and two rooms and two halls with 102 ㎡ building surface in the set with 76 ㎡building surface in the set。。 Green sea pearl jade obtained a department pre-sale permit on January 28, 2017 and was officially listed on the market。。 The pre-sale price is 7。330,000 / m2 - 7。810,000 / m2, with the highest set of prices reaching 8。03 million / m2, which is almost the highest pre-sale price approved by Daxing in recent years。。 Even if this is the case, compared with the floor price of nearly 5 w, the 7 w market entry price is really a conscience price。。 This is also one of the few items on sale in 2016 in the national '‘ king of the earth’‘ and is currently selling at 730 w / set each。 ● 5 ● the year’s most '‘ powerful’‘ king’s pre-sale price: 10w / ㎡ on August 11, 2016, yangguang city won 15。500 million, 106 % of the premium rate, Fuzhou city in the middle of Wuyi new plot。 Sold area 3。10,000 square meters, with a maximum floor area ratio of 2.3。 Nominal floor price 2。170,000 yuan / ㎡。 The premise of assignment requires bidders to build 4。The 240,000 - square - meter installation house will be repurchased by the municipal authorities according to 8467 yuan / square meter。in addition, at least 3,000 square meters of trade will be required for the building。the sale price will reach 4。50,000 / ㎡。 This has also become the most expensive piece of land in Fuzhou‘s history, and even the most expensive luxury residential house in Fuzhou at that time - 4。Guan cheng Datong seal of 20,000 yuan / ㎡。 At that time, the price of each plate in Fuzhou was scatter diagram, which was another type of flour higher than bread。。 On March 23, 2017, the plot was granted a permit for supporting land plan, and the temporary application for approval of the project was called sunshine 51 flower bed。。 No specific information about the target has been released so far。at present, the housing price in Gulou area still does not exceed 40,000 yuan, and the average price of the top seal of Guan cheng Datong, a high-end project not far away, is 47,000 yuan / ㎡。 Fuzhou is the home base of yangguang city。yangguang city is determined to win this territory far exceeding the market value at that time。it is undoubtedly the home base of progress consolidation and deepening its hegemonic position in Fuzhou。。 ● 6 ● 6 ● annual ’‘ success’‘ king price: 9w / ㎡ - 13w / ㎡ November 22, 2016 nine construction sites were sold in xiazhong, Guangdong province。it took nine hours for a total of 1134 rounds of fierce fighting to come to an end。。 In this, the plot ab 2804012 of Baiyun new town was sold and won the title of king of the earth。。 The block was first opened by longhu with a total price of 32。2.3 billion, with 30150 square meters of affordable housing。 Plot ratio 3。9, covering an area of 52.47 mu, equivalent to 45,469 yuan per square meter。 If you care about the cost of construction and installation of affordable housing ( at 3500 yuan / ㎡ meters ), the actual cost of land price can reach 46958 yuan / ㎡ meters。。 The newly sold plot is close to the central axis of Baiyun new town and 250 m away from the exit of Xiaogang station of metro line 2。the surrounding facilities are very mature。。 From the previous assignment of shelter land in Baiyun new town, it should be traced back to the south block of Xiaogang subway entrance in 2012 ( Zhujiang lingnan No。2 residence project )。 This is because the first-hand rooms around the plot are relatively few at present。at that time, the average price of second-hand popular rooms around the plot was 1。30,000 - 2。30,000 yuan / ㎡ while the average price of the luxury residential area separated from the plot is 40,000 yuan / ㎡。 Shoot 4。5w floor price is also unexpected。 Today, the plot has entered the market with the first name longhu tianyi。 Hardcover delivery is estimated to cost 90,000 - 130,000 yuan / flat, with the main building surface 182 - 242 flat for three to four rooms。 Under normal circumstances, it is profitable to sell at this price。。 ● 7 ● 7 ● the most ’‘ sad reminder’‘ of the year: the selling price of historical records of local kings: 2。6w / ㎡ on April 15, 2016, through 61 rounds of bidding, Beijing, hong kong and Macao groups won 47。600 million yuan was taken from the Nanjing Kirin g09 residence, with the floor price of 22353 yuan / m2, becoming the regional land king at that time, with the premium rate exceeding 100 %。 At that time, the hardcover sale price of the surrounding buildings was only 20,000 + yuan / ㎡, which was not yet as high as the land price。。 Before this, the beijing-austria port group had opened the first project in Nanjing - Jingmen mansion in 2013。the project is nearing the end。that is to say, the Kirin plot this time will be the second project opened by the beijing-austria port group after Jingmen mansion。it is still too young。。 In October of the past, developers released a specific target plan, planning 20 27 - 31 - storey high-rise buildings, divided into a ~ D4 small plots to open up, adjacent plots between the decoration of cross-street pedestrian bridges adjacent, the total construction scope of the project is about 30。The product of 30,000 ㎡ is located as the third generation of senior product of Beijing Olympic harbor: science and technology ecological mansion, creating vertical city and three-dimensional jungle。all exterior facade cities are covered with green plants, and the design is quite tonal, mainly with large apartment units of 100 - 180 ㎡。 The topic of this plot has continued since the land was taken up, with the outdoor selling price ranging from 40,000 to 3,000。From 5 to 3, there are all kinds of stories behind each round of price changes。。 However, under the spell of price limit, jingao port will choose to make concessions in the future。in September 2017, 154 suites will be opened, with an average price of 26,000 yuan / m2, which is only 3,000 - 5,000 yuan higher than the land price。。 This is definitely the selling price that will lose money。even if this is the case, the opening price was only 70 % at the mercy of the seller。。 At the end of 2017, the beijing-austria port broke the self-adhesive ’‘ seal’‘ to stop work in the future。the construction party claimed that the project owed more than 20 million project funds。。 At the same time, a 3.4 billion-dollar financing for the project has expired, and its customer-year-old sales amount does not exceed 5 %。600 million。 I heard that developers have always been talking about acquisitions with other enterprises。think about the high morale when they first took the land。at present, they are only distressed by the buyers who bought the house for the first time。their hearts are still half cold。it seems that the leakage is not so easy to pick up。。 Hong kong, Macao and Taiwan have announced that they have contacted many brand real estate enterprises in 2018 to launch the asset reorganization plan。however, due to various preconditions and problems in the calculation of profits, it has not been decided which one to be the real ’‘ pan Xia’‘ at this time。。 ● 8 ● 8 ● annual ’‘ name seeking and profit seeking’‘ king’s pre-sale price: 8w + / ㎡ on August 26, 2016, it is destined to be inscribed in the annals of Xiamen real estate market, and 6 plots of land will be sold and 5 king‘s land will be blown out within one day。。 The 2016 xp04 plot with the largest area in this area became the core。after all, rongqiao won the PK with rongchuang and won the most expensive unit price king in Xiamen history。。 Total price 42。1.8 billion, with a profit rate of 139.9 %。65 %, equivalent to a floor price of 38345 yuan / m2。 The record of Xiamen’s unit price landlord, who had not covered up the fever in the morning of Yuzhou real estate, was immediately rewritten。thus far, the prices of Xiamen‘s overseas ports have reached the level of the house prices on the island。! On November 12, 2017, the top series of new products of 2017 rongqiao named ’‘ hello, future’‘ were announced and the name of the case was announced。the plot was named rongqiao? The case name of the platinum house officially announced to the public。 At the press conference, rongqiao high-level interpretation project will take ’‘ health science and technology’‘ as its soul and initiate the habitat x period。 The project main push high-rise building area 45 ㎡ - 200 ㎡ apartment type and superimposed villa, hardcover delivery, the specific price has not yet been revealed。 Rongqiao baiyue prefecture is listed among 316 key projects in Xiamen in 2018。it is likely to officially enter the market this year。it will become the main component of the new city in the eastern sea area of Xiamen’s huandong area。。 ● 9 ● the annual '‘ most ambitious’‘ king selling price: 6w + / ㎡ who thought that the first show of Jin Mao Zhengzhou would be presented as the king of the earth。 Original appearance of the plot on August 18, 2016, Zhengzhou was sold to plot No。14, zhengdong exit[ 2016 ], located at south Xiangyang road and longxiang 2nd street, zhengdong new district。 Beside them are yongwei shanghe courtyard, zhenghong ou building, Jianye jiuru mansion and other local king projects。 Site area 55930。95 / ㎡, about 83。90 mu, volume ratio greater than 1 and less than 1。7。the building is limited to 24 meters high。 As a luxury residential area designated by the authorities in Zhengzhou, this area has also become a gold smelting place for Zhengzhou’s real estate enterprises to test their best practices。。 The plot attracted more than 10 real estate enterprises such as yongwei, zhengshang, yaxin, jinmao and rongchuang to participate in the fight。after 9 hours and 233 rounds of struggle, jinmao eventually won 161。94 % premium rate, 35。The total price of 100 million yuan is in the bag, the floor price is 36.915 million yuan / m2, while the construction industry nearby。The liquidation price of jiuru prefecture in hippocampus is only 3。Rmb 80,000 yuan / ㎡。 This land has also allowed Zhengzhou land price to enter the '‘ 40 million’‘ period and become the king of double-cropping land in Zhengzhou history。。 Six months later, on February 27, 2017, the king of the earth project officially started to support。 The overall construction area is about 16。50,000 square meters, a total of 17 buildings, estimated to be delivered in June 2019。 For the promotion premium, Jin Mao adopted the design of the highest-end ’‘ government’‘ department in his mature product department to display the brand of green science and technology。。 Twelve scientific and technological systems are integrated。silver plated low - e glass, capillary net, constant temperature, fresh air and other six basic life elements such as ’‘ temperature, humidity, air, sunshine, noise and water’‘ set off to promote the quality of shelter。。 The average price of foreign-owned houses in jinmaofu is 63,000 yuan / m2, with the quotation of 110,000 yuan / m2 for one floor below the special department’s apartment type。the openly most expensive land price has given birth to the most expensive house in Zhengzhou。。 ● 10 ● 10 ● the highest selling price of the '‘ most emotional’‘ king of the year: 20w / ㎡ plot D4 - 01 and plot 05 of chaoming gen mountain unit were launched in Hangzhou on March 23, 2016。plot D4 - 01 and plot 05 of chaoming gen mountain unit are located on the southwest side of the intersection of huancheng east road and fengqi road, 2 kilometers away from west lake。within the old ten gates of Hangzhou, I heard that no new plot has emerged in the area for eight years。。 D4 - 01 plot is located in the north, with a plot area of 20380 square meters and a plot ratio of 2。8。the weight is about 5。70,000 square meters, which is the room’s second-largest commercial and trade site。the proportion of room‘s first department is not more than 70 %。D4 - 05 plot is located in the south, with a relatively small area of 14035 square meters and a plot ratio of 1。8, which is the room’s second-largest trading site, with a total construction area of 8。20,000 square meters。 After 56 rounds of bidding, greentown jianfa received 37。3.5 billion yuan bid for chaoming mansion, equivalent to 45,368 yuan per square meter of floor price to win the site。 Combining the extraordinary rhyme and meaning of '‘ fengqi’‘ and ’‘ chaoming’‘ in traditional culture, fengqi chaoming ’‘ is named as the case name。 As can be seen from the plan, the red department is a Chinese style villa, the blue building is a property-owned business hotel, and the rest is the first in the smooth floor room。of these 33 hardcover Chinese style mansions, 7 hardcover high-rise buildings, and 1 property-owned business hotel are all hardcover delivered。。 At present, the project has entered the market。the property management hotel is at the mercy of 50,000 / m2。the average price of the hardcover flat floor room is at the mercy of 80,000 / m2。the Chinese villa has not been bought yet。it is estimated that it can be at the mercy of 200,000 / m2。。 Low low low low low when everyone is looking forward to the ’‘ king of the earth’‘ effect, control will come and assume a posture of not leaving when they come。。 Seeing the purchase restriction, loan restriction, price restriction and other measures to continue their efforts, the price of the new home is now under the red line, and the price increase is completely hopeless。。 Although the crown of ’‘ the king of the earth’‘ is very popular, how to realize the turnover of ’‘ the king of the earth’‘ will become an old age and difficult problem in front of the housing enterprises in such a large control period。。 Some of those stormy kings have already sold, some have collapsed 。the elder brother of the hand has also written an article about those tearful kings who are bleeding。 As for the king of the earth, what do you know, maybe what direction do you think is going to be?? Receive messages。 Perhaps + brother of the hand: 89803349 people who can control the bias are all brand promoters such as real estate operators and super brand promoters + wechat: 89803349 marketing gold sentence can’t understand, understand is already the chief manager president sent you three treasures: once you have a look at the real estate operation, management and marketing
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